What are laundry detergent sheets?

What are laundry detergent sheets?

Each time we do our laundry, we create a small environmental disaster. 

We’re sending a lot of water, toxic chemicals, and microfibers down the drain into our rivers, lakes, and oceans. 

As if the toxins and microfibers aren’t bad enough, there’s also the single-use plastic bottle.  Actually there are 700 billion plastic laundry bottles tossed every year.

But that’s not even the worst part.  

What many people don’t realize is that liquid detergents are anywhere from 60% to 90% water.  Yes, that’s a waste of water, but the much bigger problem is all that extra, unnecessary water is really, really heavy.  

The heavier something is, the more fuel is needed to ship it. 🚚💨🚚💨🚚💨

The more fuel we burn, the more transportation emissions and greenhouse gasses we make.

So the heavier something is, the bigger its carbon footprint.  And the bigger the carbon footprint, the worse it is for climate change and rising temperatures.

Scientists from all over the world agree that climate change is a result of humans burning fossil fuels and putting more carbon into the atmosphere, especially over the last 100 years.

What are laundry detergent sheets?  

Laundry detergent sheets are plastic-free strips of ultra-concentrated laundry detergent which are held together by a resin and dissolvable paper.  Most are low-sudsing, will dissolve in hot or cold water, are much lighter than liquid and powder laundry detergents, and take up much less space in your laundry room.

They're also called laundry sheets, laundry strips, eco-strips, or detergent strips.

All of these terms refer to liquideless laundry detergent strips that are designed as sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternatives to heavy, chemical filled bottle detergents that pollute our waterways and landfills.

plastic laundry detergent bottle

Laundry detergent sheets eliminate the need for all those plastic containers and have a much lower carbon footprint since they’re so lightweight. 

laundry detergent sheet


According to Rich Handel, Consumer Reports’ laundry expert, laundry strips “generally use cardboard packaging, and because they are concentrated and without water, the package can be small. This leaves less of an environmental footprint than the plastic jugs that liquid detergent and plastic containers pods or packs come in.”

That is a significant benefit considering 700,000,000 plastic laundry jugs are thrown away each year.

Here's an example of laundry detergent strips and the lightweight cardboard envelope they come in:

laundry detergent strips from Weightless Clean

How well do laundry detergent sheets work?

According to some consumer reports, laundry sheets do not clean as well as traditional brands full of toxic chemicals like parabens and phthalates. 

This does not align with the laboratory testing we did before launching Weightless Eco-Strips, or with the feedback from our customers.

According to our customers, our laundry detergent strips clean as well - and often better - than the leading liquid laundry detergent brands.

"I love Weightless! I work toward reducing the use of disposable plastic but was skeptical that Weightless would clean my clothing as well as traditional liquid laundry detergents. I tried a 60 wash packet and loved the results! My clothes are just as clean, no plastic, easier storage and very easy to use this product. It also travels well. I highly recommend this product! Just doubled my order ❤️" - Sherry S.  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Are laundry detergent sheets better for the environment?

Absolutely.  Hands down, yes.

No matter which brand or manufacturer you choose, eco-strips are a better choice for anyone who wants to use sustainable household cleaning products.  There’s no plastic container, the carbon footprint is dramatically smaller than liquid and powder laundry detergent, and the packaging is biodegradable cardboard.  All brands offer these benefits and have an eco-friendly mission.


Are laundry detergent sheets safe for people with skin allergies?

The answer is, it depends.

Some brands offer a hypoallergenic formula, but not all brands do.

When we were developing the unique formula for Weightless Eco-Strips we worked diligently to ensure our formula was hypoallergenic.

Today Weightless Eco-Strips are certified hypoallergenic.  They’ve been successfully used by people with eczema with a 100% success rate for no rash, itchiness or skin irritation.

Will Laundry Detergent Sheets Save Me Money?

Laundry Detergent sheets will not cost less than traditional laundry detergents, but they also don’t cost more.  For example, Weightless Eco-Strips when bought in bulk or subscription work out to $0.25 per load.  This is the same cost per load as buying liquid Tide laundry detergent on Amazon.

Should I try laundry strips?

We definitely think so - but we're a little biased.  Here are 8 reasons you’ll love them:

🌍  No plastic jug

🌍  Lower carbon footprint

🌍  Biodegradable

🌍  Hypoallergenic

🌍  Save so much space

🌍  Easy to carry

🌍  No spills or mess

And reason #8 is that you get free shipping on your first order! Just click here to try them and use coupon BLOG at checkout!

Plus, Weightless offers a 100% happiness guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy, we’ll give your money back.  No questions asked. 

Have a question or comment about laundry detergent sheets? Please post it in the comments and we'll get back to you!

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