About Weightless Clean

While walking along the beach one night with my kids, we saw a blue plastic jug and some fishing net on the beach. 

We thought: “Let's pick up the pieces of plastic that we see and recycle them when we get home”.  

But the more plastic we picked up, and the more we looked in the sand… the more we saw.  

There were small pieces of plastic everywhere.  


plastic on playa hermosa


What we thought would take a few extra minutes while walking home turned into a few hours. 

plastic pollution on playa hermosa

As a family, we had already decided to reduce our single-use plastics as much possible.  And to make more conscious decisions as consumers.

But plastic was only the beginning. 

As we learned more on our journey using sustainable products, we quickly realized that while plastic pollution is a major issue, the most serious threat to the earth, plants, animals, humans and all living things… is climate change.

One thing all of the world’s top scientists agree on is this: 

Climate change is a direct result of the increase in greenhouse gasses - like CO2 and methane - created by humans as we burn fossil fuels to produce electricity and heat.

Here's the problem: the more greenhouse gasses are in the atmosphere, the more heat from the sun gets trapped close to earth.  This extra heat makes the earth’s temperature go up.

And that’s climate change.

As a family, we started to look for small, daily changes we could make to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions - in other words, to reduce our carbon footprint.

Riding a bike, walking, and taking the bus are a good start. But when it comes to the household products we chose, the only real change we could make to reduce our carbon footprint was buying a Tesla or electric vehicle… and that’s a stretch for us and most people.

Then I stumbled across some research and learned something very, very interesting…

Most liquid detergents that come in single-use plastic bottles are 75% water.

Wait, what?

Water is really heavy. The heavier something is, the more fuel gets burned shipping it from the factories to the stores to our homes. 

And the more fuel we burn, the more greenhouse gasses we make. 

🚚💨💨💨  🚚💨💨💨  🚚💨💨💨

This means humans are creating a HUGE amount of greenhouse gasses shipping liquid detergents from the factories to the stores to our homes… and 75% of that weight is actually water.

We have water in our homes, don’t we?

Our washing machines fill up with water, don’t they?

It. Makes. No. Sense.

This means we are making WAY more greenhouse gasses than we need to just so we can use things like liquid laundry detergent.

We knew there had to be a better way.

After a LOT of research and development, we found it.  

We took the water out of laundry detergent and we kept-in the cleaning power of a high-quality, hypoallergenic, laundry detergent. Click here to see how we did it.

And Weightless Clean was born.

Sometimes we don’t know the weight of something we’ve been carrying until we feel it release.

Weightless Clean is a conscious company that creates sustainable cleaning solutions for people who want to take small, daily actions to reduce their carbon footprint and plastic footprint.

We believe when billions of people across the globe make small, daily changes to reduce greenhouse gasses and eliminate single-use plastics, the effect on our planet will be INCREDIBLE.

Less Water. Less Waste.

Thanks for joining us.


Founder, Weightless Clean