Electric Garbage Trucks on the Horizon

Electric Garbage Trucks on the Horizon

Picture this: as early as fall 2023, the familiar sound of garbage trucks could take on a new, quieter hum. Imagine electric garbage trucks gliding down your street, collecting recycling and waste with a sustainable twist.

This transformation is not just a distant dream but a reality in the making. Republic Services, a waste management frontrunner, is teaming up with truck manufacturer Oshkosh Corporation to introduce an entire fleet of electric garbage trucks that could reshape waste collection.

These innovative electric garbage trucks are designed to be much more than just environmentally friendly. Boasting spacious interiors, enhanced safety features including an enlarged windshield, automatic braking, lane-departure sensors, and 360-degree cameras, they redefine the standards of safety and sustainability.

Republic Services, with operations spanning 47 U.S. states, is poised for a monumental shift. Their goal: to have half of their massive fleet, totalling 17,000 vehicles, running on clean and renewable energy within the next five years. This transition makes perfect sense, given their established weekly routes and the practicality of overnight charging.

This strategic move not only reinforces Republic Services' commitment to eco-conscious waste management but also positions them as leaders in the industry. Their ambition is reflected in concrete targets—aiming to reduce Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2030 in alignment with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) global emissions goal.

A Closer Look: Where and When

Republic Services has already initiated their electric journey with a handful of electric waste trucks operating in two U.S. states. However, their latest endeavor is set to scale this revolution across the nation, ushering in a cleaner era of waste collection. The spotlight will shine on specific cities as they introduce their cutting-edge electric fleet.

The rollout begins in Phoenix, Arizona, slated for fall 2023. As the year unfolds into 2024, the electric trucks will launch in Santa Ana and Carlsbad, California, along with Portland, Oregon. If you call any of these cities home, get ready for a sight—and sound—that defines a greener future.

Why Does This Matter? Redefining Waste Collection for a Greener Tomorrow

In a world where environmental concerns are at the forefront, every step towards a sustainable future counts. The introduction of electric garbage trucks isn't just a technological upgrade; it's a pivotal move that holds significant implications for our planet and the fight against climate change.

1) Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Traditional garbage trucks, powered by fossil fuels, contribute substantially to greenhouse gas emissions. By transitioning to electric garbage trucks, we're cutting down on harmful emissions that exacerbate global warming and impact our climate. Check out 5 ways to cut transportation emissions. 

Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation account for 29% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest contributor of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The collective impact of thousands of garbage trucks crisscrossing cities is substantial, not just in terms of emissions but also air quality. Electric trucks produce zero tailpipe emissions, significantly improving air quality and reducing the burden of pollution on urban environments.

2) Setting an Example for Sustainable Practices: Republic Services' bold step toward electric garbage trucks isn't just about their own operations. It showcases that even industries with complex logistics can adopt greener alternatives. By leading the charge, they're inspiring other transportation companies to explore carbon-conscious solutions. This will hopefully lead to a positive domino effect.

The advent of electric trucks is more than a technical innovation—it's a milestone in the pursuit of a cleaner, greener planet. This commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transportation pollution paves the way for a future where our transportation needs are more aligned with environmental stewardship.

It's a #WinForThePlanet 🙌🏼

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