Kelp stores more CO2 than trees

Kelp stores more CO2 than trees

Legislators from Tierra del Fuego Province in Argentina voted to permanently protect Peninsula Mitre and its coastal waters.

Peninsula Mitre is home to one of the largest peat reserves and intact kelp forests.

Peat reserves and kelp forests play MAJOR roles in keeping our climate stable because they're natural storage units for CO2 - called carbon sinks.

Through photosynthesis, kelp absorbs CO2. Since kelp forests grow so rapidly, they have incredible capacity to store CO2 - around 200 million tons per year.

Pound for pound, kelp actually stores more CO2 than trees.

The newly established Peninsula Mitre Protected Area covers 1.2 million acres of land and sea, similar in size to the Grand Canyon National Park, and protects Argentina’s biggest carbon sink.

This is a #WinForThePlanet 🙌🏼

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