Same rights and protection for nature as for people

Same rights and protection for nature as for people

Ireland wants to give nature the same rights and protections as people.

Ireland's citizens' assembly called on the government to hold a referendum on protecting biodiversity.

If successful, this would protect nature and biodiversity in the Irish constitution, just as human rights are protected.

What is a citizens' assembly?

A citizens’ assembly brings together various people from the public to discuss and debate extremely important, and often polarizing, topics.

Similar to a jury, members of the citizens' assembly are selected to reflect the broader population, so there is a mix of people in terms of gender, age, race, disability, occupation and where they live.

Protecting nature and biodiversity is a key step in fighting climate change because trees, kelp and other plants play a vital role in removing CO2 from the air.

If passed, this would be a big #WinForThePlanet 🙌🏼

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