UK’s solar panel system cuts energy costs in half

UK’s solar panel system cuts energy costs in half

An apartment building in Wales now has a single solar panel system that powers all of the apartments.

This is the first time multiple apartments have been powered by the same solar panel system. In the past, each apartment would have needed its own solar power system.

The residents will now save 50% on their energy bills. Not only is this a huge help in a time where energy costs are rising, but it's also a big help for the climate crisis.

“At a time when costs are rising, improving the energy efficiency of homes will not only help us to deal with the climate emergency but also help families through the cost of living crisis,” says Welsh Minister for Climate Change Julie James.

Allume Energy, the Australian manufacturer of this solar panel system, claims that its ‘SolShare’ model is the only technology that enables solar energy from a single rooftop system to be shared by multiple homes in the same building.

This is a big #WinForThePlanet 🙌🏼

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