'Deliberately ambitious' Eurostar will be powered by 100% renewable energy

'Deliberately ambitious' Eurostar will be powered by 100% renewable energy

Eurostar has pledged to switch its trains entirely to renewable energy by 2030, a move it proudly detailed in its inaugural sustainability report.

The report outlines Eurostar's ambitious plans to cut energy consumption, source renewable power, reduce waste, and position train travel as a greener alternative to flying.

CEO Gwendoline Cazenave calls the 2030 target “deliberately ambitious,” aiming to spur broader changes in the transportation sector. Eurostar is seeking regulatory backing and partnerships to accelerate renewable energy projects, including discussions with Belgian railway company Infrabel about installing solar power.

In a notable step, Eurostar has joined the RE100 alliance, a global coalition of companies dedicated to 100% renewable energy. “We’re proud to be the first rail company to join,” says Cazenave. “With the transport sector responsible for 25 per cent of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable high-speed rail is key to solving a significant part of Europe’s climate issues.” This alliance allows Eurostar to collaborate with over 400 companies committed to similar environmental goals.

Eurostar is already making strides.

Since 2017, its trains in the Netherlands have been running exclusively on wind power. In the UK, wind energy has supplied 40 per cent of its power since 2023, and with solar projects planned by 2025, this figure is expected to rise to 80 per cent.

Opting for a train between London and Paris instead of flying can reduce a passenger’s carbon emissions by a staggering 96 per cent—from 66 kg of CO2 to just 2.4 kg.

Beyond energy, Eurostar is committed to waste reduction through circular economy practices.

The company sources sustainable ingredients for onboard dining and offers eco-friendly vegan and vegetarian options, while plastic food and drink packaging has been replaced with recyclable and compostable alternatives. Any unsold food on London services is donated to the waste-reduction company Olio, which redistributes it locally, and any food waste is converted into organic fertilizer or compost.

To further promote sustainable travel, Eurostar is enhancing connectivity with local rail networks and airports. Its partnership with Dutch airline KLM allows passengers to book combined air-rail tickets, integrating high-speed train connections with flights. Eurostar aims to transport 30 million passengers annually by 2030, up from 18.6 million in 2023.

This comprehensive approach underscores Eurostar’s commitment to a sustainable future, making it a leader in the green transportation revolution.

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